I start this blog post with a bit of hesitation. One year has passed since I last posted. Since that time my plans, goals and relative-world life context have changed considerably. Without going into the details I will just say that reading back to posts one year ago, reading my former self’s writing, is a most interesting experience. I sit here at my present “now”, contemplating the thoughts I was having in that prior “now”.  It is a lot of fun to read passages written in times past. Evolutions and devolutions become apparent, goals uncompleted, changed and manifested in different ways. In not writing on this cyberwall in over a year, it has already accomplished its purpose; to inform, share ideas and give perspective. It is comparable to flipping through an old photo album and seeing how the physical form has changed. Only this time it’s the mental makeup and the always transient ideas that have been transformed with the passage of time.

So in this “now”, I would like to restate the purpose of this blog as a method for maintaining dialogue, connection and exchanging information. In this present “now” I sit teetering on the edge of a precipice, overlooking a period of my life of great adventure and exploration. Internal and external. In March and April I go to Guatemala where I will explore Mayan culture and ruins, perfect the Spanish language, climb mountains, hike through jungles and work on a farm that practices sustainable organic farming methods. Then at the end of May I leave for Mozambique with the U.S. Peace Corps. Much adventure and exploration awaits. This blog will serve as a method of mass communication for my experiences during this time. For whoever cares to read, I hope that I can share a bit of my experiences and keep friends and loved ones informed about the latest adventures.

So in reverence to the law of Nature that dictates the only constant is change, I would like to share a beautiful poem that I recently read:

nature first green is gold

her hardest hue to hold

her early leafs a flower

but only so an hour

then leaf subsides to leaf

so eden sank to grief

then dawn goes down today

nothing gold can stay

-Robert Frost

More to come soon.