A few Pictures…

My room, grinding leaves to make Matapa. The family and great food!


Matapa is collards with coconut and peanut sauce, incredible!

2 responses to “A few Pictures…

  1. Matapa !!! I love the sounds of that, and I love collard greens and I have a great peanut sauce, so I’m going to have to get some greens tomorrow at the Farmers Market !! So glad to see that mosquito net over your bed. does every member of the family have one, I hope?? keep the photos and news coming, it’s fascinating and obviously when Kelly was in Guate, he did not have this capability yet! But, I have every one of his letters, written on the margins of that worldwide religious newspaper… that was the only news he’d receive up there in chisec, I think ! Cardboard “postcards” were always good too. His older brother used to send me the back of his MRE rations, which he’d turn in to postcards too. My favorite Mother’s Day cards !!!
    Stay healthy, and pound a little faster with that long pestle… looks like you might not have finished by sundown?? judging by the long shadows in the photo !

    xx Grandy Jane

  2. Que beautiful! It’s wonderful seeing you completely in your element- living simply, embracing new cultures and experiences, and giving all of yourself to them. Thank you for posting reminders of your existence through these pictures and updates on your travels. Sending you lots of positive energy and love! Onward, Evan 🙂

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