Purpose and Goals

My name is Evan, i have a wide variety of interests that would be time consuming and boring to write. The purpose of this site is to share ideas, thoughts, plans, photos, movies etc, with friends and family. Content will periodically be updated whenever i have the time and desire to write an entry. The content will meander and vary depending upon my moods and what interests me the most at any given moment. This is will function as sort of an online journal. I would like for this blog to be an avenue of connectivity between individuals so please leave comments. The comments don’t even have to be related to the content, you can just say hello!


3 responses to “Purpose and Goals

  1. Hey Evan its Ben. I just subscribed to your blog, so I will get email updates with each new post make. I had no idea you were making this blog until your dad told me! Looks good so far, I have some catching up to do reading your previous posts.

    Some amazing photos, especially the second picture under Guatemala #5 looking down into the river gorge, I zoomed in and there are people on the rocks down there! Keep up the good work bro, you’ve got some fans cheering you on. I’m going to send the link to your blog to some of our friends.

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